Love Tempo Original ’77 Version

Love Tempo Red Greg Extended Edit


A Love Tempo 3:34

B Love Tempo (Red Greg Extended Edit) Edited By – DJ Red Greg 4:33


High-quality download in WAV or MP3 available at Led’s bandcamp


Ledyard Hopkins, lead-singer and surviving member of the Love Company presents a special edition reissue of ‘Love Tempo’. Recorded in 1977 and remastered from the archives of his LCM imprint for an exclusive limited vinyl-45.

Originally issued as a b-side in 1980, questionable ex-label ‘administrative’ delays caused the song to fade into obscurity. Now, four-decades later the original recording is made available again alongside an exclusive extended edit from London’s Red Greg.

When Led’s school teacher heard his singing voice she enlisted him on a vocal training program in fifth grade. “Both my Grandmother and mother were prominent singers in the church so it was natural for me.” He was in various high-school bands and in his late-teens formed the vocal-group Black Vogue with Patrick Hubert and brothers Raymond Lowery and Larry Grigsby in the early-70s.

In 1972 the band appeared on a local TV broadcast called ‘Operation Soul’ presented by radio host Curtis Pierce from KNOK-FM, the first exclusively R&B station in Dallas-Fort Worth. “We was getting regular gigs. After we did a show at Big Bo Thomas’s club, the house band liked us so much they asked us to be their vocal group. We were so happy that a real band wanted to play behind us ‘cos it meant we got all the gigs. There was a Chitlin’ Circuit club called the Zodiac in Texas that had a big talent show. From winning that in 1973 we got steady shows across the state long before we got that record deal.”

“When we recorded the single we was still Black Vogue. It was ’77 and disco music was the thing. Around that time Patrick did a stint in prison and when he came out he wanted to call the band The Love Company and we wasn’t gonna argue with him.”

By the time it came to record ‘Love Tempo’, the vocal-quartet had the best players in Dallas for the session including Roger Boykin (Soultex) on rhythm guitar. “The masters had moved around with me place-to-place so much over the years. I’m thankful what we did back then was not in vain. We was together as kids and the only thing that could split us up was death. So many people have called me wanting a piece of this music and have not done what they agreed so I’m doing it how it should have been done in the first place with LCM Records.”